Clean Water Project

Clean Water Project

Janata Clinic Conducts Water Workshop for Girls in Dhanusha

A one-day water workshop was conducted at Shree Mithileshwar Mahuwahi Secondary School of Mithila Bihari Municipality, Dhanusha, with the motto ‘clean water saves life’. The workshop was aimed at empowering girls with the power to ensure clean drinking water for all students in their schools. A total of eight female students of grade levels 8 and 9, from seven different schools in the municipality, participated in the workshop along with their respective principals.

The focus of this workshop was water related practices in the community – fostering good practices and changing bad practices – in order to prevent water-borne diseases as simple as diarrhoea, that claim lives of many innocent children every year. The participants were taught about personal hygiene practices, hand washing and water purification techniques, followed by a demonstration of the installation, use and cleaning of Sawyer Water Filters.

Following the workshop facilitated by Samartha Nepal and coordinated by Teach for Nepal, the participants will go back to their schools and installs filters provided to them through partnership with the Waterbearers and the World Is My Country Foundation. We are hopeful that this initiative by Janata Clinic will be of help to the students as well as the community members.