Awareness Campaigns

Kidney Disease Awareness and Screening at Dhokshan

A one day Janata Clinic camp was organized by Samartha Nepal for raising awareness and screening Kidney Diseases at Dhokshan, a Tamang community located approximately 25 kilometers from Kathmandu.

DSC_0293Dhokshan is a village under Ward number-03, Sankharapur Municipality Kathmandu, enroute to popular Chisapani- Nagarkot trekking trail. It is a small Tamang community with an estimated population of around 600 among which 40% is female. The low-income community lacks basic primary health care facilities for which they have to travel to Kathmandu or Bhaktapur. Based on our research, about 77 % of the household with average family size of 5.3 individuals earn less than Rs 20,000 (approx $200) per month. This means, health care is generally a lower priority issue.

The aim of this program was to make people understand the need of regular examinations through group discussions and mass screening. Consultant Nephrologist, Dr. Rajat Kayastha from Kathmandu Medical College (KMC) delivered a presentation on the risk factors and prevention of Kidney Disease while highlighting mainly on the importance of regular screening. Urine examination by Dip-stick method was done, following the presentation, to do a preliminary assessment of protein and sugar in urine.

DSC_0250Studies show that 1 in every 10 individuals i.e., 10% of total population is at a risk of developing Kidney Disease – the rate of prevalence being twice as much in males as in females. The good news here is that among the 127 participants of the camp, only 4 were diagnosed with initial stage Kidney problem, the bad news being, 3 of the diagnosed individuals were females. The cause identified was uncontrolled diabetes in two elderly women and unknown in others. They have been instructed to have a detailed follow-up with a nephrologist for timely management.

Dhokshan is just a 2 hours drive away from central Kathmandu, and still health facility is an in-affordable and unreachable necessity to the people. We can only imagine the health status of people in more rural parts of the country, where no help has yet reached. What might be the number of those still unaware of their diseases, is a question that always prevails.

A hundred rupees worth simple Dipstick test can save one from a lifetime of suffering, hospital visits and costly management of kidney disease. Team Janata Clinic is continuously working to help people stay aware and go through regular screenings to stay healthy.