Awareness Campaigns

Kidney Disease Awareness and Screening Program – Mandikhatar

Janata Clinic in collaboration with the Office of the Member of Parliament, Kathmandu-4 conducted an Awareness program and a general screening camp for Kidney Disease and a general screening at GATE International College, Mahankal - 9, Mandikhatar.

Nephrologist Dr. Rajat Kayastha from Kathmandu Medical College (KMC) delivered a presentation on the Risk Factors and Prevention of Kidney Disease while highlighting mainly on the importance of regular screening. Hon. Minister of Health Mr. Gagan Kumar Thapa, also a Co-founder of Janata Clinic, attended the program as the Chief guest and encouraged the participants to perform regular screening of their health. Dr. Bhupendra Basnet, Director of Bir Hospital and Ms. Sabika Thapa were among the guest speakers.

Studies show that 1 in every 10 individuals i.e., 10% of total population is at a risk of developing Kidney Disease – the rate of prevalence being twice as much in males as in females. Among the 225 participants who went through screening in this camp, 23 were diagnosed to have impaired kidney functioning. Annually, 10,000 new patients suffer kidney failure and this figure is alarming. It is thus important to create an awareness in this context and encourage more people to stay updated about their kidney status.

Ms. Sabika Thapa a survivor of two kidney failures attended the program as a guest speaker and shared her experience as a patient. She also shared the hassle she and her family had to go through to have a transplant and expressed the regret of not having been aware about this at the right time. She asked the participants to take care as to retain their kidneys’ health.

The screening was performed through Dipstick test for protein and sugar contents in urine. Further tests will be carried out in the coming week for a detailed assessment of these cases and management will be initiated as per the requirement.

A hundred rupees worth simple Dipstick test can save one from a lifetime of suffering, hospital visits and costly management of kidney disease. Team Janata Clinic requests all of the readers to stay aware and go through regular screenings to stay healthy.

Campaign Facts

  • Campaign:
    Kidney Screening and Awareness Program
  • Date:
    December 24,  2016
  • Location/Coordinating Office:
    GATE International College, Mahankal – 9, Mandikhatar

Janata Clinic, a health movement initiated by Hon. Minister of Health Mr. Gagan Kumar Thapa and Mr. Dibyesh Giri, has been conducting various camps in and around Kathmandu to ensure accessibility of specialized health services to the general public either free of cost or in an affordable cost.