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Nutrition Workshop for Homemakers

This workshop was a part of the preventive health intervention in housewives through nutrition education and awareness, conduced in St. Lawrence College at Chabahil, Kathmandu, in collaboration with the Office of the Member of Parliament (Mr. Gagan Thapa), Kathmandu Constituency no. 04 and UNICEF Nepal.

The health of any individual majorly depends on food consumed, which in the Nepalese households is decided by the mothers. It is therefore important that mothers understand food and nutrition, and adapt to healthy behaviour. Janata Clinic therefore, conducted this awareness program on nutrition focusing exclusively on the housewives.

The workshop started with the presentation on food and nutrition by Ms. Sophiya Uprety, Nutrition officer at UNICEF, and continued with the concept of healthy food behavior by Dr. Ojaswi Acharya, MD Nutritionist. In addition to the tips and notes on making the kitchen healthy, a peek into terrace gardening was presented to the participants in the form of a video, casting Mrs. Indira Kakshapati, retired official from Nepal Telecom. The video showed how cultivating our own food in small terrace spaces could ensure the consumption of healthy food.

 Dr. Udita Mishra, General Surgeon at Bir Hospital also presented on Breast Cancer and techniques of self-breast examination, providing an insight into how healthy eating can reduce the risk of breast cancer and other forms of cancer as well.

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