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Preventive Intervention – Gahana Pokhari

Continuing with the preventive intervention programs, an awareness program on breast cancer was conducted in collaboration with Trishakti Yuwa Club and Mahila Samuha at Samundra Vidhya Pratisthan, Kathmandu Constituency no. 05. Dr. Udita Mishra, General Surgeon at Bir Hospital, and Ms. Priyasha Maharjan, Pharmacist/Director of Samartha Nepal, facilitated the three-hour long program.

The program started with a brief presentation on breast cancer, its causes and prevention, followed by specialist consultation with Dr. Mishra. She also briefed the participants about the techniques of self-breast examination to stay aware of any symptoms of cancer that may arise. This session was aimed at screening the possible disease at the earliest phase to ensure timely and effective treatment.

The second half of the program was facilitated by Ms. Maharjan, who talked to the participants about the importance of healthy food behavior as a means to prevent disease conditions.

Both of the sessions were focused on housewives with the belief that they are the decision makers of food behavior in any household. If they are aware of the health impacts of food, and are taught to choose wisely, the entire family can lead a healthy life.