Awareness Campaigns

Psychosocial Support to Dhokshan Residents

A psychosocial screening and basic counseling program was conducted, under Samartha Dhokshan project of Samartha Nepal, in supervision of Consultant Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Ritesh Thapa, Director of Rhythm Neuropsychiatry Hospital And Research Center Pvt. Ltd.

Mental health has drawn an increased and unprecedented attention of planners and policymakers after the alarming rate of suicidal ideas in the disaster struck and economically burdened populations of Nepal. It is important to ensure a responsive health system capable of ensuring essential mental health services to address the increased needs in Nepal. Playing in the same scenario, Janata. Clinic felt the need to work on mental health in the villages of Nepal, starting Dhokshan.

Among the 60 residents of the Tamang community, who participated in the awareness program, 22 opted for psychiatric counseling – 8 male and 14 female. A few were diagnosed as requiring medication and one case requiring immediate attention was referred for hospitalized management in Kathmandu. The major problem observed in this community was depression, occurring mainly due to early marriage, family issues and alcohol dependence.


Counselling psychologist Rabina J. Shrestha, from Koshish Nepal and Mamata Shrestha from Trichandra College also participated in the program. They were engaged with counseling school students and art therapy.

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