Clean Water Project

Clean water project

Water Filter Demonstration and Installation at Schools in Mithila Bihari Municipality of Dhanusha

Samartha Nepal, in association with The Waterbearers and The World Is My Country Foundation, provided a demonstration of Sawyer Water Filters to the Mayors of Mithila Bihari and Hanspur municipalities of Dhanusha alongside principals of seven schools in these municipalities.

Clean water projectThe installation procedure and use of the filters were demonstrated to the principals, mayor and other participants earlier in the following schools by the team of  The Waterbearers

  • Shree Secondary School, Mithileshwor Mahuwahi
  • Shree Janata Secondary School, Kajararamaul
  • Shree Secondary School, Liliya
  • Shree Jagrup Rampukar Shah Secondary School, Parsuram Talau
  • Shree Ganga Prasad Secondary School, Thera
  • Shree Mithila Lower Secondary School, Kachuri
  • Shree Basic School, Trapatti Sirsiya

The filters were installed after the schools reopened post the festive season in presence of Teach For Nepal fellows in schools of Mithila Bihari municipality. They were responsible to take care of the filters and make the municipal offices be accountable for their maintenance.

Polluted water isn’t just dirty, it’s deadly. Around 1.8 million people die every year of diarrheal diseases like cholera. Thousands of people are seriously sickened by a host of water-related ailments, due to compromised water quality, many of which are easily preventable. Thus, with the aim to halt the risk of developing health complications, this demonstration was provided, which would be beneficial for approximately 5695 students of the seven schools. Along with the students, the sawyer filter would be profitable for communities especially to tackle situations during natural calamities such as floods.

Also, Co-founders of The Waterbearers, Erin Toppenberg and Jane Brinton handed over additional Sawyer Water Filters to TFN fellow Pratik Ghimire and Dr. Deebya Raj Mishra of Koshish Foundation – KF for use during emergency response actions.

clean water project