Clean Water Project

Water Filter Installation and Backpack Distribution at Dhokshan of Shankharapur Municipality

Janata Clinic team handed over Sawyer Water Filters to Shree Sheela Devi Basic School in Dhokshan of Shankharapur Municipality of Kathmandu. Alongside sawyer filters for ensuring safe drinking water for all, backpacks comprising one set of school supplies like copies, pens and pencils, color pencils, geometry sets, etc. was distributed among all the students as a gift for the festive season.

Dhokshan is a small community of 30-35 households, in the outskirts of Kathmandu. Though nearby the capital city, it is isolated and deprived of many basic facilities. One among them is safe drinking water supply. The residents here collect and drink directly from the open water sources. Though aware of the negativities of unsafe water habits, they have ignored the good practices and made peace with their way of life. The objective of bring sawyer water filters to this community is to ensure safe drinking water at school and encourage the same in every household.

Janata Clinic in collaboration with the Waterbearers and the World Is My Country Foundation, conducted a small orientation workshop for the school management committee and active community members to demonstrate the installation, use and cleaning of Sawyer Water filters. The benefits and efficiency of the filter were also discussed during the program, followed by a commitment from the community members to take responsibility of the filters.